The Good Life in Marriage

“When two people in love decide to share their days and nights and futures, they must go through a period of often difficult adjustment before they complete the transition from courtship to a functional partnership. They must learn to accommodate each other’s ways of doing things. If marriage is a union between a man who can’t sleep with the window closed and a woman who can’t sleep with it open, accommodation is the process of working out a compromise”. (Michael Nichols).

Conventional wisdom says couples who do not learn to compromise end up divorcing. Not necessarily so….many choose to live unhappily ever after.

The union of marriage provides elemental ingredients of good living: companionship, partnership and prodigy. The ability to enter and sustain this good living through accommodating / compromising is of course, love……which begins ….and ultimately ends…. with God. “I am the Alpha and Omega, he Beginning and the End” (Rev. 21:6) and “We love because He first loved us”. (I Jn 4:19).

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