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Church Membership Assistance Program

Establish your church’s own “Personal Church Fund” allowing your staff to refer individuals, couples, or families to Crossroads at an even greater reduced rate.

How it works:

  1. Establish your own “Personal Church Fund” by making regular or intermittent deposits.

  2. You decide how much you choose to subsidize a particular referee from your “Personal Church Fund.”

  3. Refer to Crossroads by email at

Theological Integrity

All Crossroads counselors follow a professional as well as a specific code of ethics that is biblically sound adhering to biblical doctrines mentioned in, but not limited to, the Baptist Faith and Message.


Specialized Care

With access to an entire staff of professional Christian Counselors, your referrals received strategic focus on specific issues.

How Your Church Benefits:

  • Less Liability

  • Staff Relief

  • Financial Savings Over Hiring a Staff Counselor

  • Spiritual Gift Focused

  • Specialized Care


Prepare/Enrich Certification Training

Crossroads offers training for pastors and lay counselors who would like to sharpen their ability to minister to premarital and married couples by becoming certified to use the Prepare/Enrich inventory.

Prepare/Enrich is a reliable and user-friendly premarital and couple mentoring inventory that:

  • Expands your ministry options and ability to work with premarital and married couples

  • Equips churches to better prepare couples for marriage

  • Sets the stage for a marriage mentoring program


To learn more about Prepare/Enrich, go to, and contact Crossroads to set up training for certification.

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