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I cannot begin to express how Crossroads Christian Marriage & Family Counseling has helped me through my journey. Stephanie Smith-Jefferson is by far the best on this side of heaven. She welcomes you with open arms and is extremely patient.

I endured some terrible circumstances in my life. I thought I had forgiven the person who hurt me, but I still allowed them to take power over me. I walked into Crossroads a broken and bitter young woman and walked out a woman of boldness who had been released. The chains were broken and I was able to walk into the newness of life, able to use the gifts God has given me.

During one of my sessions Stephanie played a song, entitled "Silence Tears". In those midnight hours when we feel like throwing in the towel, when we feel like God has forgotten all about us. It is at that moment that God hears our silent tears.

My therapy at Crossroads, has allowed to open up to other young women who have or are currently experiencing the same obstacles I have endured. I stood before a crowd of women at a conference and for the first was able to speak about what I had been through. When I was finished the whole room was standing.

This would have been impossible for me with out Stephanie. I was so afraid to sit and tell a complete stranger about what I experienced but she was full of a non-judmental compassion and empathy. I could not have asked for a better person to have my sessions with.

I am officially released from what has held me bound for 14 years. When I look at the word release I am reminded of this:

R-Release what is on the inside of you (Tap into your gift) E-Evolve into the person God has created you to be L-Love when its so hard to do E-Eliminate the hurt and focus on the future A-Accept what was, what it, and what will be...Accomplish your goals S-Smile even when the tears begin to flow E-Excitement (become excited about future)

God can still use me, no matter how bad the hurt and pain was. I am a child of the King and he has so much in store for me. I smile more now and am filled with so much joy because I released what held me bound and I owe it all to Stephanie.

"The race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to the one who endures to the end." I will continue to run on and see what the will be because I am DELIVERED, RELEASED AND SET FREE IN JESUS NAME. Cathy Caballero (client)

Stephanie Smith-Jefferson, LPC


5611 Highway 80 East

Pearl, Mississippi

14 Professional Pkwy

Ridgeland, Mississippi

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